Single pump 19,000 Gallon Water System Electrical Controls

Block Electrical Schematic

The electrical system control is comprised of two circuit breakers, two magnetic contact relays, two float switches and a QD pump control box..

Circuit breaker 1 (BR 1) housed in the 200 amp service panel located near the barn supplies power to the magnetic switch (MS 1) also housed in the same service panel. MS 1 is turned on and off by the float switch (FS 1) located at the top of Tank 1. When the water level in Tank 1 drops below the maximum capacity FS 1 switches to an on state closing the contacts in MS 1.

200 Amp Service Panel

MS 1 supplies power to circuit breaker 2 (BR 2) located near Tank 4, which in turn supplies power to magnetic switch 2 (MS 2). MS 2 is turned on and off by float switch 2 (FS 2) located inside Tank 4. When the water level in Tank 4 reaches approximately 1000 gallons (3/4 full FS 1 changes to an on state closing the contacts in MS 2 which in turn sends power to the QD pump control box..

Power at Tank 4

The QD control box energizes the 1 HP Franklin submersible pump and forces water from Tanks 3 and 4 up the mountain filling Tank 5. When the water level in Tank 4 drops to approximately 600 Gallons FS 2 changes state to off opening the contacts in MS 2 stopping the submersible pump. This keeps the pump from cavitating and overheating.

Either of two normal occurrences in this system have the ability to stop the submersible pump
1 - Tank 1 fills to capacity.
2 - Tank 4 water level is low.

Electrical Schematic

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