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First the simple rules for you:

Because Big Cyber Mall is a public place NO PORN ALLOWED.
Web pages must be received in plain text or html format.
Pictures must be no larger than 800 pixels X 750 pixels. And remember that more pictures and many large pictures per page slow down web page loading which is most often a discomfort to your audience.
Payment for your sale items must be set up through Paypal and included in your document. Paypal makes all of this very easy but if you need help our Webmaster will assist you.
Like any other lease we need first, last and a refundable deposit that depends on the length of your residence. But in essence, You Pay You Stay and if you stop paying we stop publishing.

Now the simple rules for Big Cyber Mall:

Your pages will be compiled per your design with nothing added other than a menu that leads patrons to your page(s) and back to the mall entrance.
We will not edit your pages unless you request us to do so in writing (email works). Any editing requested by you will need your approval before being posted.
If a page or picture sent to Big Cyber Mall for posting to your store is in question the entire page or picture will be returned to you with any irregular items highlighted for your editing.
Big Cyber Mall will NOT add any advertizing or scripts to your page(s). Our money comes from publishing what you send us. We donít care what your post is about other than it is porn free.

Now about the cost:

25 cents per line per year with a minimum 400 lines per year or $100 Plus a refundable cleaning deposit of $75.
If this sounds a little steep, think about it. If we made it any cheaper every John Doe with a gripe would be here, that would not be Big Cyber Mall. Big Cyber Mall is designed to be anything from an exchange of information to an exchange of goods.
Here is the simple math; $100 divided by 12 months equals $8.33, per month, times two equals 16.50, first and last, plus $75, cleaning deposit, equals $91.50 start up cost. And if you pay for two years in advance, $200, the cleaning deposit will be waived up front, or if you stay for two years the cleaning deposit will be credited to your account.

400 lines explained:

From your first line, not ours, everything between your start and stop including pictures is considered a line, blank spaces and all. A standard line or blank space is considered to be 12 pixels in height X 750 pixels maximum width. In an effort to keep things simple there are two size headings used on our standard web pages, h1-26 and h2-16 pixel both of which are charged at the single line price.

Pictures in HTML are given specific display sizes which produces cleaner pages and faster page loading time. The picture size is given in pixel width X pixel height. Taking the pixel height and dividing it by 12 tells how many lines it will occupy. Keep in mind if the picture width is kept to Ĺ of 750, or 375 pixels, you can get 2 pictures per line which reduces cost.

Just for reference; this page would be billed for 82 lines, the picture is 400 pixels in height.

For complete information Contact the Webmaster:

Mall Webmaster

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